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 If you are coming and have not registered, please print out a registration form, fill it out and bring it to Moab.  We’ll see you soon!


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The 9th annual Moab MUni Fest will be held March 28th-30th, 2008 in Moab UtahThis year’s event promises to be a great time with friends and riders from near and far.  The event is a week later than most years and as such we hope to see the weather a little more settled and friendly for some fantastic redrock trail adventures.  This year will be somewhat simplified over last year and definitely more casual.  We have some great rides and fun times planned for mountain unicyclists of varying ability levels.  We are also very excited to have both my son (Krazy) Karl and my nephew Christian back.  It’s been three years since Karl has been in country and able to participate but he is way excited and looking forward to making it worthwhile.


A reminder to all, this IS a permitted event.  This year’s rides are all on Federal BLM land.  Insurance, permits, and daily ride fees apply.  These fees have been worked in to the registration costs.  Without legal permits, it is impossible to hold an event such as this in the beautiful redrock country of Southern Utah


All new or first time riders and those who would like to know more about Moab MUni Fest History or Mountain Unicyling please click here à Moab MUni Fest Background Information (includes a lot of information links).


The basic plan for year 2008 follows (the essential information from below will be printed and included the registration packets you receive at check-in):


Registration:  All Rider-Participants in the Moab MUni Fest must register.  Non-riders need not register  per se,  but should include their information on a registrant’s form if they wish to join us for the Saturday Eve Dinner or if they wish to order T-shirts.  Registration fees include BLM, and private property access fees, insurance and administrative costs, optional T-shirt costs, and optional dinner costs.  Please Print the registration form, fill it out, and mail it along with your registration fees to the address indicated on the form.  Click here MMF08 Registration Form (.pdf) or MMF08 Registration Form (MSWord).  Also, please send me an email letting me know you’ve mailed your registration. à My email.  This will give me a couple of days jump on updating the attendees list that will be posted on this website and help with the event planning.


Scheduled Rides:

Note: Directions to the Trailheads, Maps of the Daily Rides, and additional information is all available in the  à Open Letter to Attendees or Acrobat file Open_Letter_to_Attendees (.pdf)


  • Friday, March 28th
    • 10 to 12 am. Informal gathering.  For those arriving early enough we will gather in the Moab City Park and hang out at the Skate Park on the North East side.  This will be a chance for us to gather, do some trials warm up activities and to start getting to know each other.
    • 1:30 to 5:30 pm. Ride options on Slickrock and Slickrock Practice loops. This is the classic world famous Moab terrain.  A visit to Moab is simply not complete without a Slickrock trail experience.  The Practice loop is a little over 2 miles and is a great place to warm up to the Moab type slickrock terrain and to play with the trails rock features.  The terrain provides an infinite supply of trials riding opportunities.


  • Saturday, March 29th:
    • 9:30 to 4:30 am. Ride Amassa Back Trail
    • 6:00 pm. Pasta Dinner, some unicycle trials action, and Program at the Lions Club Park.  A new walking bridge spans the river right adjacent to the park.  We’ll have a big bon fire and good times so if you would like to bring your guitar or banjo, please do so.  We’ll supply the American Idol want-a-bes.


  • Sunday, March 30th
    • 9:30 am.  Moab Rim to Hidden Valley and back.  This is an amazing trail that rises straight up a cliff shelf from the Colorado river and takes you to the top of a ridge overlooking the Moab city valley.  The ride continues South and drops down the front into Hidden Valley.  Total ride length can be up to 13 miles but just going to the Rim outlook and back is only about 4 miles.


Event Check-in:  All rider-participants must register.  Come to the Slickrock Campground Friday anytime up till 6 pm or 8pm-10pm and look for the signs directing you to the Moab MUni Fest Host Campsites (#180 and 181).  The Slickrock Campsite is a privately owned business just 1.7 miles North on Highway 191 (Main Street) from Moab city center or 0.7 miles south of the junction of highway 191 and 128 as you travel Southbound.  If you are pre-registered, come pick up your event packet (will include optional T-shirt and/or Saturday evening Dinner vouchers).  If you are unable to pre-register come here to check-in and register.  Check-in can also be done Saturday morning till 8:30 am at the Slickrock Campground or 9:00 to 9:30 at the Amassa Back trailhead parking lot.  It is also possible to catch us during the Saturday Evening Dinner at the Lions Club Park.


Lodging/Camping:  The main camping group will be staying at the Slickrock Campground (  It is centrally located and is the most convenient place to camp.  They have reduced their standard camping rates by 10% for our group.  Single tent sites will be $19.62 for two, $5.00 extra for each additional body.  Cabins for two people can be rented for $38.55 with an added fee of $5/person for each extra person up to the maximum capacity of 4 people.  Group camp rates for tent camping is $8.72 per person with a minimum of 10 people over the age of 8.  If past years are any indication, there is a lot of space sharing so if you are alone or wish to join up with other campers it won’t be a problem.  Slickrock campground has two main bathrooms with Showers that are included in the daily rate and will be nice after our long days of hard riding.  If you are planning to camp I highly recommend joining us at the Slickrock Campground.  Please call and make your reservations with them directly and tell them you are with the unicycling group.  I will not be involved in any way with collecting the camping fees. 


For those who don’t like to rough it, there are many fine motels available in town.  For it's location, cleanliness, newness, and indoor pool/jacuzzi it’s hard to beat the Best Western Canyonlands Inn (, 1-800-649-5191).  Due to our event being held later than most years, the hotels in town are filling up and none have been willing to offer our group a discount.  As a result, if you are budget conscious and don’t mind putting a tent up, then Slickrock Campground is definitely where it is happening.  Otherwise, check out these sites for other motels in town:


   Moab Lodging



Prizes:  We will hold a raffle of prizes and other donated items after the Saturday night dinner.  The dinner tickets will be used for the raffle.



Sponsors and Prize Donors:











Private Contributions from:          


*       Tom Copland – Salt Lake area Uni-Triathlon Sponsor

*       John Foss -  Carmichael, California

*       Bill Gilbertson PhotoShoreview, Minnesotta

*       Myrtle Creek Skate Park Task Force, Oregon

*       John Payne – San Marcos, Texas

*       Qu-Ax, Forrest Rowell - Garrison, Montana

*       Rolf & Janeen Thompson & Family – Sandy, Utah

* Jamey Mossengren – Westminster, California

*       Contact me at Email if you plan to contribute any items to the raffle.  Thanks for your support.




·        Friday March 28th – Dinner plans are open, There aren’t any restaurants in town that can handle a group as big as ours.  I would encourage you to meet up with other riders and find a restaurant to your liking.  Out of habit, more than anything else, my family will be going to the Szechuan at 6:30 pm.  The Szechuan has a large banquet room and an overflow in the basement.  They put on a great Chinese seafood buffet for any who wish to join us there.  They have agreed to a cost for our group of $13.95 for adults (12 yrs and older) and $7.50 for the kids.  These prices include choice of soda or tea and gratuity. The address is 105 So. Main Street.

·        Saturday March 29th – 6:00 pm.  Dinner and Raffle, to be held at The Lions Club Park.  Wayne Nadolske from Lotsa Pasta Restaurant in Cortez Colorado with Tom Miller will be catering our dinner.  Vegetarian pasta will be available.  After dinner we will hold the raffle and have some trials opportunities for those who are ambitious.  With an extra hour of daylight and starting a half hour earlier than in the past we will have plenty of light to eat and play by.  The cost of the dinner is $10/person if pre-registered before March 9th, 2008 and $12/person thereafter.  For those who just show up to the dinner with out prepaying the meal cost will be $13.  Kids 12 and under are free either which way.  No other joint meals are planned for the group as a whole.  For other meals, group together as desired and follow your nose to any of the many fine restaurants available in Moab


Last year at the Moab MUni Fest we were thrilled to have 178 Riders (a national record) and nearly 300 total with attending Friends/Family.  Regardless of how many we have this year, those who participate can look forward to some incredible mountain unicycling with a lot of other MUni enthusiasts and do it all in the magical red rock terrain of Moab in Southern Utah.  Hopefully this information gives you the feel of where this year’s event is going.  If you are wondering who is coming this year, click this 2008 Planned Attendees List.  The list includes both those whose registration forms I have received as well as those who have sent me email indicating that they are coming.   If your name is on the list in error, please let me know.  Thanks to all of you who will be participating this year.  If you have any question or suggestions, please let me know à my Email.




Rolf  (The Father of Krazy)


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