In April 2001 John & Jacquie Foss, Brett Bymaster, and David Maxfield met Christian Marchant, myself (Rolf), Karl, and Spencer Thompson for some MUni riding at Slickrock and environs.  We call it Moab MUniFest II. David Maxfield, the wiser of us all, chose to do several long trail rides outside the Slickrock area.  The rest of us did an epic ride of the entire 11 mile Slickrock trail.  Brett, the evangelical purist, convinced Christian and Karl that one couldn't claim to have done the Slickrock trail on a unicycle unless one actually did the entire trail ON the unicycle.  The three of them, true to their commitment, did the entire loop on their unicycles.  If they fell, they started off from where they fell or backed up and remounted.  If they were bogged down in sand (a few spots) to where riding was impossible, they hopped it.  It was amazing to witness.  I kept thinking we would find an obstacle they either wouldn't be able to go down or get up.  If nothing else I figured they would run out of gas.  It never happened.  The time spent on trail was 7 hours.  No speed record was set that day but it may have been the first time that the entire trail was ridden on unicycles.  I don't recommend that riders set out with this as a goal.  We had 1/2 gallon of water or more for each of us and ran out just as we arrived at the cars.  It was a cool if not cold overcast day--very atypical for that area.  If it had been 5 or 10 degrees warmer I hate to think of the problems we might have gotten ourselves into.  As it was, everything worked out and we all had a very memorable experience.  Thanks John, Jacquie, Brett, and David for letting us join you that weekend.

The Photo Images below were all taken by John Foss during the weekend together.  They can be viewed (and purchased for that matter) at Ofoto's Website.  Click anywhere in the Photo Contact Sheet below to link to that website.
All Photos by John Foss